DOEHLER & HAASS Doehler & Haass SD05a
Doehler & Haass SD05a

Doehler & Haass SD05a

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Product information

Product features and functions
For optional operation with conventional direct current driving device, digital systems according to SelecTRIX 1 and 2 or according to the NMRA standard (DCC)
The switchover between analogue and digital operation takes place automatically
The last programmed system is used in digital mode (it is not switched over automatically!)

SelecTRIX 1 31 speed steps, 100 addresses
SelecTRIX 2 127 speed steps, 10,000 addresses, 16 additional functions
DCC Short addresses (1-127), long addresses (0001-9999), with 14, 28, 126 speed steps
The latest generation of load control, resulting in particularly smooth control behavior
Different control variants for optimal adaptation to the engine
Internal 127 speed steps
Adjustable motor frequency (low frequency, 16 kHz, 32 kHz)
Block section operation with simple diodes in digital operation
Light and function outputs can be dimmed and activated analogously
Motor, light and track connections can be exchanged electronically
All function outputs freely programmable
temperature protection
Original vehicle-specific steam, diesel and electric locomotive sound projects (no "standard sounds")
Realistic steam driving noise with wheel-synchronized and overlapping exhaust shocks, pitch dependent pitch and independent boiling sound
Realistic diesel-hydraulic driving noise with pitch-dependent pitch, variable idling speed and independent acceleration levels, turbocharger and dynamic brake
Realistic diesel-mechanical driving noise with multiple gears, idling, multiple driving and acceleration levels and possible switching noise
Realistic electric driving noise with traction motor and traction motor fan as well as upgrade noises (pantograph, main switch etc.), rear derailleur noise and dynamic brake
Bell, horn, pipe, doors close etc. (depending on the sound project) can be triggered separately at any time
All sound sequences can be freely configured ("function mapping") and triggered at random
Speaker connection protected against short circuit and overload
Low heat development through the use of the latest technologies
Reset function for DCC and SX2
Update capability of the decoder
Loadability of sound projects via SUSI interface using a programmer

The update (the firmware download from the Internet is free of charge) is possible when the decoder is installed on the track (no opening of the vehicle necessary) and is only carried out via the programmer. If no suitable hardware is available, the company Doehler & Haass will provide a programmer on request.

The SD05A vehicle sound decoder supports braking with asymmetrical digital voltage (four diodes in series and one antiparallel diode, Lenz ABC), slow travel (with suitable brake modules) and bidirectional communication (locomotive address feedback in DCC mode, RailCom®).


Fahrzeugsounddecoder 0,5 A

Betriebsart SX1, SX2, DCC, MM, DC-analog
Maße [mm] 20,0 * 7,6 * 3,0
Gesamtbelastbarkeit 0,5 A
Max. Motorstrom 0,5 A
Max. Fahrspannung 18 V
LV, LR (dimmbar) je 150 mA
AUX1, AUX2 (dimmbar) je 300 mA
AUX3, AUX4 unverstärkt
AUX5, AUX6 unverstärkt
mit SUSI-Schnittstelle (wenn AUX3/AUX4 deaktiviert)
Abtastrate 22 kHz
Auflösung 16 Bits
Unabhängige Soundkanäle 8
Speichergröße 128 Megabits
Speicherdauer bis zu 760 s
Max. Ausgangsleistung 1,6 W (8 Ω)
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