Total control of your model railway

DTS DTS iTrainPC Client
€149,00 Incl. tax
DTS DTS iTrainPC Controll
€249,00 Incl. tax
DTS DTS iTrainPC Server
€499,00 Incl. tax
DTS DTS iTrainPC Server-lite
€149,00 Incl. tax

Domburg Train Support offers you the perfect control of your model railway with iTrain Software. No more hassle with desktop pen that gets in the way, laptops that are quite expensive and slow. You probably recognize that these solutions are not ideal, your cables break, laptops' batteries stop and most of all you often have a small screen.

The iTrainPC is based on small computers that you can give a permanent place on your model railway. As a result, you no longer suffer from cords and defects. By using these minicomputers, you can also use large screens, but also multiple screens and even control your marshalling grounds with touch screens.

iTrainPC Lite Server
The RaspberryPi 4B is a very small computer that is very complete. With a quadcore processor and a working memory of 4 Gigabytes, it is strong enough to control a program like iTrain. The internal graphics processor can control small layouts with iTrain up to 5 trains. This system runs on a Linux Distribution.

iTrainPC Server
On an Intel NUC with an Intel core i3 processor, thanks to the 8 GB memory you have enough power to control iTrain in all sizes. Whether you have a small layout or a very large one, the NUC is a powerful replacement for your laptop or desktop. This system runs on Windows 10.

iTrainPC Client
The server PC supports 2 displays, but often this is not enough! By using a computer in client mode, you can expand your setup with two screens. By using the Raspberry Pi4 computer you have a relatively inexpensive solution to place two extra screens for displaying your layout. This system runs on a Linux Distribution.

iTrainPC Controll
An ideal combination with the iTrain Remote, with a 7” touchscreen you can display a part of your shunting site and manually operate your switches and accessories. While you operate your trains with the other hand with a hand control. The touchscreen is controlled by a Raspberry Pi3b + computer that is concealed in the housing of the screen. This system runs on a Linux Distribution.

We supply all systems ready-made, with iTrain already installed and if desired we can enter your license immediately. If you do not have an iTrain license, we can also provide it for you.
See here for the iTrain licenses

You can expand the systems with various options such as keyboards, memory extensions, displays and various other applications. We also offer a Cloud solution so that your iTrain file is always securely stored in a Cloud storage.

EXTRA: Teamviewer is installed on all products. When purchasing, support via Teamviewer is free!

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