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The LocoHub is designed to split, feed and terminate your LocoNet bus. Making this Hub ideal for relieving the low power output of your digital central, using a USB LocoNet interface for Loconet devices, or simply splitting LocoNet....More information
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Product information

    The DTS LocoHub is a Loconet splitter that provides the bus with a stable supply of 12V power and termination.

    When using the DTS LocoHub in combination with a digital command center:
    By connecting the cable from the central station to LocoNet 5 and removing JP1, the power supply from the central is not used to feed all LocoNet products. Most digital command stations only provide 500 mA at the LocoNet output, which is too little for some applications.

    The devices are powered via LocoNet 1 to 4 with the power supply connected to the power connector.
    You must also remove the termination JP2 to JP1.

    When using the DTS LocoHub in combination with a USB LocoNet Interface
    A USB interface does not supply the LocoNet with power or terminating resistor. In that case you must install JP2 to provide the bus with a termination. You can also place JP1 so that LocoNet 5 is also supplied with power. You can connect the cable from the interface and the devices to any terminal.

    The Power Supply
    Because the LocoHub is equipped with a bridge rectifier and a voltage regulator, the hub is not polarity sensitive. It is therefore permitted to use an alternating voltage or a digital DCC voltage instead to a direct voltage.

    DC: between 15-24V
    AC: between 12-20V
    DCC: between 15-24V

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