DTS ASB Controller

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The Analogue Servo control ASB controller for manually controlling two servos....More information
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    Analogue Servo Control ASB

    There is much to do about the use of servos. And that is not entirely unjustified because a servo is not only cheap but also reliable and energy efficient. But to operate a servo you need electronics, and that is the problem for many model railroaders. Programming a servo decoder is cumbersome and with an OC32 you are stuck with software. And what if you want to operate a servo manually because you do not control the layout using a computer.

    There are manual servo controllers on the market and self-build is also possible, but none of them has anything that makes the ASB so unique. Below are the benefits that make the controller so unique:

    • No computer required.
    • Two servos that are easy to adjust to middle position, left, right and speed.
    • Each servo can use its maximum result.
    • Each servo has a relay switch on its middle position.
    • Each relay has two potential-free changeover contacts for polarization or feedback
    • Each servo can be switched with a switch
    • Each servo can be controlled digitally with a switching decoder

    The ASB can thus be used to manually operate a switch or signal, but also via a dcc decoder. The principle is simple via two contacts. One contact sends a signal and when it comes back via a switch, the servo switches to the next position. if the signal disappears again, it will return.

    No more hassle, therefore, with decoders to be set, programming via a multimaus or central, never having the maximum result available .....

    rudi van der craats
    rudi van der craatsPosted on June 1, 2020 09:29

    goede service en duidelijk instructies. asb werkt makkelijk en goed

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